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How To Get Over a Failed Relationship.

How to get over a failed relationship. Have you ever wondered how and what to do when a relationship fails ?? check out some practical steps below ;


Love is a beautiful thing, falling in love with that person who is worth it despite their flaws is unbeatable, having that love life every Tom, Dick, and Harry dream of is fabulous, and above all, your partner having the physique of a Greek god, or the ravishing beauty of a goddess  …..mmmm! What more can one ask for?

For lots of persons, the relationship is meant for eternity, some would even bet their life on it giving you a million reason why the love is unbreakable. Howbeit when the unexpected happens, the much overrated love life crumbles, and the dating bliss comes to a halt, it seem like Olympus fell again. It’s painful, soul tearing, and confusion oriented as expected or even more to it, life keep revolving, the year keep counting , there will still be 4weeks in a month, world activities don’t change, stop brooding, stop giving depression and failure instinct an opportunity to grow in you, YOU ARE WORTH MORE, There is a refined replacement out there for you . IT’S NOT THE END.


Picking up the broken piece of your life, breaking free from the hold of that one person your life revolves around, and finding YOU is not an easy task. But it’s better done early enough, to prevent regrets on time wasted trying to put back the torn pictures of the past, rather than striking a pose to taking new shots (picture). These are simple steps to self-realization.

  • Face the situation: acknowledge your feelings, do not pretend the relationship did not happen, pen down your feelings as it comes.
  • Make a simple list of your attributes and strength: this helps you fight rejection, and low self esteem
  • Embrace your independence: opens you up to new ideas, and meeting people. You become responsible.
  • Be patient: everything takes time, slow and steady should be your watchword. Do not appear desperate.
  • Zero in on unhealthy habit: do not go about bingeing, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, having multiple sex partner, wild partying, they only make you feel better for a short while, before finally dealing you the blow of destruction.
  • Crying is healthy: letting your emotions out in tears is helpful. It’s a pain reliever, it’s part of what initiates the healing process.
  • Laugh out loud: this shouldn’t be practiced only on social media. It should be a part of you physically, doing it more often helps to confront your fear, and reduce anxiety.
  • Never isolate yourself: make room for people who love and care for you, do not let your broken heart take that away from you.
  • Workout: try new exercise, register for gym classes, go for that body massage, and feel good about yourself. Love yourself.

NOTE: love is all you need

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