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You can call it “dick, tiny pecker,boner,or its actual name “penis”etc one thing is certain: It’s mysterious ,magnificent, and awesome

The penis is warm,boneless,elongated lump of skin that appear muscular,with veins and blood.

Depending on the fitness it gives to the underpant,they come in different shapes, sizes, appearance, feel, and behaviour. Some common shapes of the penis we encounter are as follows;

  1. Pencil shaped
  2. Carrot shaped
  3. Chode
  4. Thor
  5. Mushroom
  6. C -shaped
  7. Wrestler
  8. Banana shaped
  9. Shower
  10. Grower.

PENCIL SHAPED; like the name implies,its  straight & slim like a pencil. The  head is of the same width as the shaft. Extra care is needed during intercourse to prevent poking of the cervix,to avoid painful sex. Best sex position with the pencil shaped penis is “woman on top” & spooning.

CARROT SHAPED; Has a slim end,and gradually becomes thick at the base. Smaller head,  bigger shaft with soft triangular shape that gives gradual pleasure to any woman despite the sex position. Its known as the “best penis ” because penetration is easy,and sensation is increased as it goes deeper.

CHODE;  long but wider. Stands 4-5 inches ,its pleasurable, and can satisfactorily fill every nook and cranny of the vagina. With deep thrust, enough lubrication, maximum climax is achieved.

THOR; Shaped like a hammer, big head, small  shaft. This penis is perfect if you want to touch the entirety of the vagina wall,or centre of gravity with each thrust.

MUSHROOM ; This is also called the “shroom”, due to the shape of its head (round like an umbrella) ,and small size, Doggy style is best.

C – SHAPED ; Bends to the  right when erect. This is due to a disease called “peyronie’s disease ( due to formation of plague along the length of the penis) . other causes are accident & trauma. Best sex position “spooning,& saddling”.  During sex,the vagina keeps it erect.

WRESTLER ; Has veins popping out all over it. It has a subtle vibrating effect. Pleasure is derived as the vagina  takes in the vein lining up to its length. 

BANANA SHAPED ; Shaped and bent just like the banana. When hard it bends downward,and dangles straight when flaccid. Although its small in size, it fits perfectly into the female core ,& rubs the vagina’s centre of gravity with each thrust. Caution; No Doggy style,you might end up walking weird afterwards.

SHOWER ; like its name, it is mighty impressive & bulges while in the underpant. When it gets hard (erect),initial size and length isn’t any different. Hint; ladies have you ever stolen a sexy,lustful glance below the belt of that seemingly endowed guy, And after the show (sexual performance) you discover “that is all there is to it” ?  Hellooo!!! Its a shower.

GROWER ; This kind of penis keeps you “guessing”. You never know how long and big it is, until you have gone all the way with the guy. It seem small at first, with a little massage it grows 2-3times its flaccid size.

THE OLD ONE ; Appears old,you keep trying to figure out if it is  erect or flaccid, big or small. Finding pleasure with it is difficult.

Whether it is pleasing / teasing you,or getting the deed done , you don’t want to be caught off -guard with his pants down. Brace yourselves up with this little knowledge.

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