The Audi A8 5.5

There is a new car technology, its unique,and jaw dropping. Want to know about this new automobile tech? Yipeeeee 

The Audi A8 5.5 with rice cooker exclusively only in japan. In addition to the line up of A8 3.0/4.0,  Audi debuts with the 5.5 made only in Japan with world class advanced technology.

The model name is derived from 5 Go & 0.5 (half) Han, derived from the term ” gohan” which means rice in Japanese.    

SPECS OF THE AUDI A8 5.5 Rice Cooker.

  • The rice cooker is exclusively designed on the basis of the outstanding performance of the Audi A8’s 435ps/600Nm.

  •  Has a touch screen menu panel where owner can select multiple cooking option. You can customize any rice to your taste of preference.

    • Has a 2,990mm long wheel base interior suitable for high temperature & humidity in Japan.

    This is indeed an advancement in the VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK.

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