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Sexy piece of lingerie, a popular fashion piece of the 1800

 A corset is a shapey garment that is worn around the midsection to help pull in the waist,in order to give the torso an hourglass shape. They are constructed from strong but flexible fabric such as cotton,satin, mesh or leather. It also consist of a flexible steel rod that enables it cinch the waist and accentuate the curves of the hip and bustline of the wearer.


The types of corset is categorized in two groups. 

  1. THE UNDER-BUST ; This category provides hourglass shape to the wearer,but don’t offer support for the breast. They can also be used to style Outfits in many ways,and as many times as u want. The types of under- bust corsets are;
  • long line ; Extends over the hips,and it’s meant for people with long torso.
  • Cincher ; Longer at the center from front to back, but shorter at the sides.
  • Wide straps ; Like the name,its best for people with wide shoulder.
  • Waspie ; The shortest of all the under-bust corset. It has a wide belt,and only goes around the wearer’s stomach, providing a smaller waist.
  • Bodice; provides great coverage and support for the back and shoulder. It’s length ends around the natural waist of the wearer.

    2.  THE OVER -BUST ; Begins under             the arm,and end above the                     hips.they lift up the breast,and.             reduce waistline. Types of over-           bust corsets are as follows; 

  • Lingerie ; More revealing. They come with G-string and with built-in or detachable garters to hold up the stockings.
  • Cupped ; Have in built pad ,and its good for women with larger breast.       


Corsets come in two styles. We have them as follow

  • Less Extreme curve: This reduces the waist by 4-5 inches I.e about 10.2 – 12.7cm.
  • More Extreme curve: This reduces waist to about 6-7 inches , about 15.2 -17.8cm smaller than its natural size,and helps carter for the different body type and shape.


When it comes to corsets,there are basically two types of boning involved.

  • Flat steel boning ; This is found at the front busk,and lacing bones. They enable the wearer move back and forth slightly.
  • Spiral steel boning ; This is found throughout the body of the corset.It allows wearer to experience motion in multiple directions With considerable degree of twisting and bending.


The fitting of the corset around the midsection is of two types;

  • Over-bust fitting ; when the corset is worn under clothes in place of bra.
  • Under-bust fitting ; when the corset fits right underneath the breast.


A corset is fastened or tightened in four ways;

  • Steel busk ;has 5-6 large clips that help to secure the corset and creates a straight line down the front of the corset.
  • Wire hook/eye closure
  • Zipper
  • Lace up


in order to be on the right track during purchasing of corsets, its important to know some needed measurement such as;

  • Hip
  • Waist
  • Around your bust
  • Below your bust.


Selecting a corset that will suit you,depends on your knowledge of the following factors;

  • Your body figure
  • Your personal style
  • occasion.


  • Corsets ;
  • More specific to size
  • Strengthens core muscle
  • Uses steel boning to shape the waist
  • Much more expensive because it requires quality standard during construction
  • Acts as an external lap band,encouraging wearer to eat less
  • Made of materials such as leather, cotton,and satin.

Waist trainer;

  • Made of latex
  • A few size fits all
  • Temporary hour-glass shape
  • Uses the elasticity of the material to cinch the waist of the wearer
  • Often worn to create a smooth and flattering figure underneath clothes.


    People wear corsets for the following reason 

    • Costuming
    • To correct back pain
    • Back & posture support
    • Classic hourglass figure.

    NOTE: corsets are only dangerous when you shop for the ones not meant for your body type. Shop “safe & sane”.

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