The Uzuakpunwa foundation.

Despise not the days of humble beginnings. People with heart of Gold are rare.

The Uzuakpunwa foundation.

Most people are in life to” keep taking from it”, while others are in it to “Give back ” whole heartedly as they receive from life.

There is a foundation that has decided to give back to the society and improve the well being of the human race. This foundation is dedicated to providing the needed support and services to the low income earners and needy

Welcome to The Uzuakpunwa foundation ( TUF). 

The Uzuakpunwa foundation.

The foundation recently conducted free Eye test , General medical check -up, in Anambra state at ISUOFIA village, with treatments and appropriate medication giving out Free to those that made themselves available.  

The Uzuakpunwa Foundation

The team of Doctors were selfless, vast and certified in their various area of discipline, humble to a fault– as beneficiaries were able to approach them without fear or guilt.

The free health care services takes place once in a year for now. 

Indeed “True happiness is when you do things for others, knowing fully well they will never be able to repay you”. 

Thumbs up!!!

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