CamSoda Penis print technology.

There is a new form of biometrics in town guys! 

This new technology does not require finger print or eyeball scan but your penis (dick) for verification. In other words, your dick is used in place of your finger print to unlock your phone.

The reason for this new technology according to cam soda is to “add extra layer of security to an individuals digital property “.

According to camsoda’s VP  Darren press, unlike the 2 commonly used body part in biometric ( finger print/eye ball ), The penis has a whole lot of differentiating factor such as : size , vein protrusion, & colour , and above all its kept under clothing and only shared with loved ones who are trusted.


  • register your penis (dick) with the company
  • Provide accurate detail of your dick.
  • Provide high quality picture of your dick.

         HOW DOES IT WORK ?

After completing your dick-o-metric next time you want to login your phone, just zip down, bring your dick out, display it to the front of your camera.

CamSoda then uses its proprietary penis (dick) recognition technology to match your dick with the picture you supplied while registering.

Note; The technology won’t work if your dick is not erect.

CamSoda said the tech won’t end with men only, as they are also working on developing the same tech for women.

Just wondering!  will it be called vagin-o- metrics, hymen-o-metrics, clit-o- metrics, or pussy -o- metrics?

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