BLUE WHALE – Suicide Game on the Rise.

The Blue Whale game is a monstrous online challenge that aims to goad vulnerable youngsters into taking their own lives.

The vicious viral Game has spread online via social media accounts,& reports suggests it has arrived UK Schools, & is played by children as young as 7 years old.

The suicide challenge has already been linked to 130 deaths in Russia.


  • A youngster is assigned to one challenge a day for a 50 day stretch.
  • Tasks are dolled out by an anonymous administrator & participants are required to submit photo evidence each day to prove the challenge was completed.
  • As task become more extreme over the 50 day period, some group administrators begin to encourage members to selfharm, with some scoring the shape of a whale into the skin on their forearm.

  • On the 50th day,group members are purportedly encouraged to take their own lives.

Note: The blue whale is so named because of the way whales sometime beach themselves & then die.

NSPCC- national Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children warns that it’s a twisted game that makes participants feel like they are completing an actual task and not dying.

Incidents linked to blue whale game have surfaced in Ukraine, Estonia,Kenya, Argentina & Brazil.


If you have been affected or know of someone who is or could be involved in this challenge, kindly

Phone 101 for police assistance, or contact NSPCC. 

 You can also report via CEOP Website or via Crime stoppers on 0800111555

Or child

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