Chairman Credit Switch Technology “MURDERED” .

Chairman of Credit Switch Technology, a Nigerian tech company, Ope Bademosi, has
been murdered, He was stabbed straight on the heart in the early hours of Wednesday, at his residence in Ikoyi by his cook.

The incident has been confirmed by the divisional police officer (DPO) of Ikoyi division, Mustapha
Tijani that official statement would be issued by the police as soon as investigation is over.

The wife while narrating the incident to Thisday, said

she left her husband very
early this morning to do some transactions in the bank.

On her way back, she called her husband and couldn’t hear what he was saying as his words were barely cohesive, and was
just muttering words before the call dropped.

“She attempted to call him back but he wasn’t picking up his phone. On getting home, the security was still asleep and couldn’t even respond to her car horns till she got down from her car, to bang on the Security window; that was when the Security eventually woke up to open the Gate for her.

But unfortunately, on entering, she met her husband lying in a pool of his own blood and couldn’t find the cook who just resumed work on Sunday anywhere.

“That was when she screamed out for help and sent the security to help her run to see if he can still apprehend the cook. Perhaps because of fear, the Security who was just employed on Sunday as well, also took to his heels upon the news that his new boss had been murdered”.


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