MUST READ : Reason why RAPPERS are getting MURDERED In Louisiana.

5 prominent Louisiana rappers have been murdered in the last 12 months.

What is it about Louisiana – that makes it such a deadly place
for rappers?

Below is an article that was submitted by a famous Louisiana DJ.

He asked that the article be published as advice to local and upcoming rappers – on how to NOT GET MURDERED.

Being a DJ in Shreveport, Alexandria, Lafayette and BR. I’ve meet a lot of upcoming artist, so i have a little insight on the fights and murders of a few. I LOVE my states, but it’s wild man. It’s sad.


Reason 1: Rapping about being GANGSTER and a KILLER .

That bad energy creates more bad energy. Even if the rapper is a gangster, it means nothing, there are a lot of ignorant gangsters down here. But 9 times out of 10, gangster or not, most rappers aren’t trying to kill anyone.

They’re not scary or hoez, they will fight, but kill. Nah.
At the most they might pay to get
someone beat up or more. Back to the toxic energy they’ve created.

A lot of goons want these rappers to prove they’re really gangster every time the rapper comes out on top of the jealously they feel for another Dude similar to them making it before them. So when they see this artist, might be at
Popeye’s are a HIgh School Football game. That artist is going to get tested.

A complete stranger will call the artist a puzzy just to see. Now this gangster artist has to react. Fight breaks out. He might not even know it, but it’s beef now.
REAL BEEF over some minor BS.
And there are so many dudes rolling around with guns it’s not even funny. kids and all. I keep a gun on me and I’m not with none of that sh’t.

Reason 2: Not realizing the BEEF THREATCON level is HIGH.

I know of a couple of local artist that were rapping/ dissing other artist on mixtapes. I’ll just put you in the artist shoes. Let’s
say you aren’t a HOE but your aren’t a Killer either. You get in a little scruffle with some other artists, no one gets hurt. You decide to rap about that clique in
your music for promotion like popular rappers do. So you making videos and flashing guns.

The thing about down here, so many people got guns, you can’t take no one for granted or for a puzzy. Muthafukkin is shooting no questions. So you know it’s a little beef but you still living your best life.

All a while the otherside is zoned in. They’re on the offensive, they know where you be and hang, know where you family be at.
Everyday they checking your spot, waiting for someone to hit them up and say U at the liquor store on MLK.

Real killers don’t respond to diss tracks.


If dudes are dissing back in forth, they not going to do shyt but maybe fight. So you thinking it’s all good, you’ll see them when you see them, but you
should be very cautious. No posting up, no seating in a car talking for long periods of time. No standout Vehicles at all. but You in your lime green Benz
stunting at a gas station on Facebook live. Your life is OVER that fast.

Reason 3: Not having enough MONEY to move away.

A lot of artist just have enough money to stunt around the city.
Louisiana is a poor State. It’s grimy, filled with poverty, ratchet, uneducated and a lot of guns.

If you’ve got any kind of success, you can’t stay here or be down here without hella security. Fukk being fake or puzzy, just LEAVE.

My advice to any artist with a little buzz in Louisiana. Stay lowkey, get a low key vehicle, tinted up. Go do out of town
show. In your own city dont stay nowhere for long unless it’s a homecoming or the Bayou Classic, even then it’s risky.

Take every altercation as if it’s life threatening. it really is.

I’m not trying to say Louisiana is the hardest state, i’m sure every state has fools that will kill over nothing. Just my opinion on what I know of.

# for the wise only

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