COVID-19 : Jack Dorsey SET TO DONATE $1 billion TO fund COVID-19 relief and other charities

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey just beat every other big shot’s donation to coronavirus relief by tenfold he’s dropping ten figures to help, and then rolling whatever’s leftover to another great cause.

Up until now,  Jeff Bezos held the record for the biggest COVID-19-related donation at a staggering $100 million, but Jack’s billion dollar donation just blew that out of the water.

Jack Dorsey made the stunning announcement Tuesday on his own platform, saying he’d be putting up a billion dollars of his own money which he says makes up 28% of his overall wealth into a new fund he calls Start Small, LLC aimed for COVID-19 efforts.


It’s also brave that Jack is going so public with a gesture like this after a little in-house drama over there at Twitter inc…. Recently, some board members were reportedly out to oust him as chief , but he prevailed in the end and is staying put.

Thumbs up!!

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