Hailey Beiber REVEALS She STRUGGLES WITH ” Perioral Dermatitis”.

Hailey Bieber has skin that most girl could only dream of.

But in a recent interview with Glamour, Hailey confessed that her flawless complexion isn’t quite what it seems and that she actually suffers from a skin condition called Perioral dermatitis.

Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory rash that occurs around the mouth and eyes and causes the skin to be irritated and itchy. The model has previously shared her skincare routine, but never spoken about the condition.

she said

“I have Perioral dermatitis,” . “So certain products irritate my skin, giving me a horrible itchy rash around my mouth and eyes.”

when asked how she deals with said rash? she replied

“I always try to avoid fragrance in products as it’s too much on the skin,” she explains, before saying that, as a model, it’s not always possible for her to control everything that goes onto her . “I don’t always know what’s being put on my skin as I work with lots of different makeup artists,”

Hailey then went on to mention that it’s not only her who struggles with her skin, husband Justin Bieber has also been dealing with adult acne. see photo below

“Justin has struggled with adult acne. After he works out he uses clarifying pads to wipe the skin after he’s been sweating.” she added.

Hailey and her husband Justin are currently self-isolating at their mansion in Canada. 

Some fans may be surprised that she is on birth control as last year Justin said their next step was starting a family, though he did admit he was in ‘no rush.’

In July he wrote on Instagram, ‘Love dates with you baby.. one day Ill be doing daddy daughter dates….. not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush i just wanna enjoy you by yourself for a while.’

She jumped in with: ‘Always have the most fun with you.. ❤️.’

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