Since the arrival of the dreaded coronavirus, alot of people, and companies have become more productive and creative with their thinking in line with the preventive measures of the viral spread… started with washing of hands, now y’all get to disinfect your feet too.

The Center for Disease Control reports that coronavirus particles can live on shoes and not just on handrails and other surfaces.

Entering the disinfecting shoe mats business, several companies who offer them and have codedly disclosed that business is booming’ as several industries and world sector ramp up measures to prevent spread of the virus.

The concept of the mats is pretty simple . All you need do is – wipe your feet on the, it sanitizes and disinfects your shoes. One of the big brands is SaniStride, which says its product is 99.99% effective … and they’ve seen a jump in sales of over 500% since the middle of March. That CDC report about shoes gave the company another sales boost.

So far, the Oregon-based company has mailed out THOUSANDS of mats with continuing inquiries from nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings, markets, restaurants and rental car companies.


Another Illinois-based company called allMATS, says it’s backed up on at least 100 orders. We’re told customers are ordering in bul- 50 to 70 mats at a time. Likewise, Mat Supplier in Washington state says its sales have tripled compared to last year.

As the various countries and states re-open their economies, you should expect to see more of these mats. Clean hands, clean shoes …

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