A Nigerian woman is currently fighting for her life, after her butt implant exploded inside her , leaving her backside severely infected, with leaking puss.

The graphic video showing the aftermath of the plastic surgery a nightmare to behold , has been going viral.

According to local reports, the woman paid $350 US for the surgery, which was done by a non-licensed medical professional outside of the African nation’s capital city of Abuja.

Local reports suggest that the person who performed the butt augmentation may not have used sterilized surgical equipment, because the woman quickly came down with an infection. within days her butt got so filled with puss, that it “exploded.”

watch video-

She was rushed to the hospital, where she was given high dose antibiotics. Doctors say that within a few weeks, the infection should be cured, and she can return to the hospital, to have her implant removed.

The poor woman now is forced to lay on her stomach, so the puss can ooze out from her butt.

The cost to reverse the $350 botched surgery by a certified and licensed medical professional is $13,000 US.

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