Some humans really do have a heart of Gold. A facebook user Mr Temidayo J Onabolu (pictured below) a humanitarian and man of reputable character decided to contribute his own little quota to the survival of humanity amidst the hunger crises caused by the covid-19 pandemic by feeding the needy and less privilege daily.

According to his post on facebook, he wrote-

Since Monday I have been doing my own little contribution to help the poor and the less fortunate in my community and in our society at large during this Covid 19 lockdown by donating money to about 3 WhatsApp group I belong to towards buying foods and drinks and also giving anonymously to those who are asking for financial help both known and total strangers.

I intentionally decided not to take pictures or video of the food sharing I personally have been doing on my own, with the little funds I have since Monday, because I felt it’s not necessary for social media to know about it. I decided to make today an exception, because I dedicated today’s food sharing programme to the memory of my late dad. Chief Alvin Ebun Onabolu.

May his soul continue to rest in peace. Amen.

People are really hungry out there. I am almost close to tears every day with the way grown folks and children scramble for food. It is well.

NB. We fed 200 people daily.

more photos below

more photos

In times like this, it is only natural to be selfish , but divine to be selfless.……Good job sir!

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