COVID19 : OFFICIALS Give CONFLICTING REPORT ON President Trump’s Health Status & Recovery Process. earlier reported that the US President Donald Trump , his wife and some top aides have contracted the deadly coronavirus.

Earlier , the president was said to have been airlifted to the hospital as precautionary measure , but that seem not to be the case, as doctors and officials have been dishing out conflicting reports and update on the health status and recovery process of president trump.

Donald Trump’s personal physician said when he gave an update earlier on the president’s condition from outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington that – They are extremely happy with trumps health progress.

COVID19 : OFFICIALS Give CONFLICTING REPORT ON President Trump's Health Status & Recovery Process.

One would imagine the purpose of the White House medical team’s Saturday morning news conference was to reassure the public that the president is doing well and that the nation’s top medical experts are on top of the situation.

Instead, they created more confusion, rather than clarity .

Sean Conley, the president’s physician, initially said President Trump was diagnosed “72 hours ago” – which would be Wednesday morning. That is before the president travelled to Minnesota for a campaign rally, before he flew to New Jersey for a fundraiser on Thursday and more than 36 hours before the president revealed his coronavirus diagnosis to the world in a late-night tweet.

The timeline was further muddied by the revelation that the president was given an antiviral treatment 48 hours ago – also before his announcement.

All this necessitated a quick walk-back by the White House, which said the physicians misspoke and that Mr Trump was in “day three” of his treatment and the medicine was administered on “day two”.

It is only the latest time over the course of the Trump presidency the White House communications office has had to issue clarifications or clean-ups. Now, however, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Dr Conley also tried to paint a positive picture of the president’s current medical condition, although he was evasive about whether Mr Trump had ever been given oxygen to assist his breathing.

And then, just minutes after the news conference concluded, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows struck a very different tone, telling the gathered press “the president’s vitals over the last 24 hours were very concerning and the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care”.

It is important for the White House to communicate clearly with the American people – and to the world as a whole, where allies and adversaries are closely watching the US situation.

This is not just a health issue for the president, it is a security issue for the entire country.

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