Photos : Naval Ratings Allegedly Beat Up LASTMA Personnel In Lagos.

The misbehavior of some naval Ratings have been brought to light after they allegedly beat up a LASTMA Personnel in Lagos.

The Lagos State Government has once more condemned the action of some Naval Ratings noted for escorting commercial vehicles, who attacked LASTMA Personnel for apprehending a VOLKSWAGEN BUS with registration number LSD 73 XT.

According to eyewitnesses, the said bus obstructed the flow of traffic at Onipanu inward Fadeyi on Ikorodu Road and evaded arrest. It took the determined efforts of the LASTMA Team to track down the vehicle at Fadeyi inward Jibowu.

The source also gathered that the driver had the audacity to stop in the middle of the main carriageway to discharge passengers at Fadeyi under the cover of Naval Ratings on escort.

When the commercial vehicle was eventually apprehended by LASTMA Team for clearly contravening the Lagos State Traffic Law, the Naval Ratings alighted from the commercial bus and attacked LASTMA Personnel.

The Naval Ratings further beckoned on their colleagues who were passing by in another vehicle to join them in the physical assault of the LASTMA Personnel on statutory duties.

All efforts by the POLICEMEN attached to the LASTMA Personnel to stop the fracas proved abortive.

In the process of the attack, Three (3) (Android) phones belonging to LASTMA Personel were snatched away by the Naval Ratings.

The apprehended commercial vehicle is currently in LASTMA custody.

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