Gbenga Alalade: The Architect Who Designed the Living Faith Multi-billion Naira Ark Cathedral.

Gbenga Alalade : The young Architect Who Designed Living Faith’s Multi-billion Ark Cathedral with 100,000 capacity.

During the inauguration of the multi billion naira Ark project, the identity of the young brilliant architect was made known when Bishop David Oyedepo called to the alter to bless him – the brain behind the design of the Ark.

Architect Gbenga Alalade Profile.

BSc: Architecture, Covenant University – 2002 – 2006
MSc Architecture, Covenant University – 2006 – 2008
PhD Architecture, Covenant University – 2010 – 2016

Other Projects handled by Gbenga Alalade for the Living Faith Church as an employee of the University includes:-

Covenant university stadium – N1 Billion

Covenant university senate building – N500M

Kingdom Heritage Model School – N5.2 Billion

Faith Theatre (now canceled) – N100 Billion

The Ark – N160 Billion

Living Faith President Lodge – Redacted

Church Hangar MMIA – Redacted

Canaan City (Phase 1, 500 units) – N10 Billion

6MW Power plant – N1.9 Billion

Covenant 120 bed Post graduate residence – N1.2 Billion

Covenant University Center For Research – N2 Bill

Covenant University Bookstore – N300 Million

Covenant 201 Staff Quarters – N2 Billion

Arobieye Rd. Link Canaanland – N2 Billion

Canaan mall – N2 Billion

According to reports, he handled bulk of the projects a year after he started his PhD

Architect Gbenga is indeed a proof that living faith church worldwide believe in her own indigenous talents.

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