Check Out BBC News Pidgin’s Interview Story Of Disabled Man That Brings Tears To your Eyes and Hope To Your Hearts .

BBC Pidgin Interview story of a disabled man and his wife will bring tears to your eyes and hope to your heart that true love still exists somewhere in the world .

Written excerpts from the interview below:



My name is Rose John, I am 24 years old. We have been together for 5years, we started dating when I was age 19 in Ss2. We meet when I escorted my friend to Uruakpo. The first time he spoke to me I refused, then he sent his friends to talk to me at Ughelli that was when I accepted him. He later approached me by himself that was how we started dating and our relationship was strong.

When I took my boyfriend to my family house, they felt bad, they even slapped me, cursed me and they drove us out of the house . They said they wouldn’t accept that kind of person in their family so therefore our Marriage won’t work, but I told them I must marry this man for life.



My name is Monday Itu, I am 29 years old. when we started dating I had no money even presently I still don’t have money but she is still with me. The way she loves me is unexplainable, I believe it’s God’s will for my life.

if my wife wasn’t with me, my life would have been so difficult and hard, if she isn’t around me things hardly go well but once she is with me everything goes well.

I wasn’t born like this , I was four years when it happened. My mom told me I screamed while I was outside the house, and no one knew what to do so I was rushed to the hospital where the doctor confirmed that my two legs have been Seized and I won’t be able to work again.

I don’t do anything for now, but I learnt handwork. I make shoes and slippers. I haven’t started because I don’t have the working tools

How we survive… people normally dash me money when they see me, my wife owns a petty store and my mum also sends us anything she has.


I sell groundnut, the profits I make from it is what I use for our upkeep at home so we won’t starve


I call her my wife, because she already has two kids for me. Anytime I have money I will go and pay her bride price. My wife will always advice me on the right things to do and the way she respects me at home that is one of the reasons why I love her.
Anytime I see my friends with two legs hustling I envy them I wished my two legs were good, I would have been supporting my family.


I don’t see my husband as an incomplete person I see him as a normal person. I have no regrets being with him. He assists me and also cares for me. I like his sweet-talks.

The couple recently had a baby Dedication in Church as seen on the picture above and the video went viral.

Credit : BBC News Pidgin

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