Photos : 15 year Old Black Girl #MakiyahBryant Shot Dead By Cop Hours After #DerekChauvinTrial Verdict .

A 15 year old black girl named Makiyah Bryant was said to have been shot dead by a careless cop hours after Derek Chauvin’s verdict was made.

Makiyah Bryant and her shooter

According to eyewitness account, she was shot by a police man in columbus ohio. She was not dangerous, was calling out for help , she had a knife ( for self defence ) – because she was being threatened by some girls.

See body camera footage below

Makiyah was said to have been shot 4 times in the chest at about 4:45pm EDT .

Makiyah Bryant.

The video of the shooting has since gone viral, and the officer can be Heard saying ” blue lives matter ” to bystanders at the crime scene.

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