Professors Will End Up Working in Bakeries In Togo As a Means Of Survival If Nigeria Disintegrates – Lai Mohammed.

Nigeria minister of information and culture Lai Mohammed has warned of the possible adverse effect that could be faced in the educational sector should the country divide.

Lai Mohammed said Nigerian professors might be forced to take up odd jobs such as working in the bakery in under developed countries like Togo in order to survive.

During the NAN flagship interview program on Wednesday April 21 ,he stated that the main problem of /in the president Buhari’s administration is in the hands of the elites who propagate preachings centered on tribal hatred instead of taking the lead to solidify the unity of the country.

Furthermore,he said it will be commendable if the elites work together to fix Nigeria….rather than disappearing at the first crack of trouble, since Majority of them more than one passport – American, British, Irish etc.

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