Kamala Harris & Nancy Pelosi Make History As The First Women To Lead The Joint Session Of Congress.

The vice president of the united states of America- kamala Harris and House speaker – Nancy Pelosi has made history after they shared the stage with president Joe Biden at his first joint session and address to congress.

Right : Kamala Harris 🙂 Left : Nancy Pelosi and Center: President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden on Wednesday 28 April delivered his first joint address to congress with the duo- harris and Pelosi siting solidly behind him throughout his speech.

” madam speaker, madam vice president- president Joe Biden said at the start of his speech. No president ever said those words from the congress podium .

In nearly 245 year history of the United States of America, this is said to be the first time two women have led a joint session of congress.

Nancy Pelosi oversees the house of representatives, while kamala Harris in her capacity as vice president presides over the Senate.

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