Chicago Model ” Slim Danger ” Brags About Aborting Babies She Conceived With Celebrity Men on TikTok + List Names ( Watch Video )

Chicago IG model and pornstar Slim Danger ( real names – Aereon Clark ) went viral some days ago, for bragging about aborting babies she conceived with celebrity men.

The 24 year old single mother went on Tiktok to brag about all the men who’s Pregnancy she had flushed. She listed the likes of – NFL star Odell Beckham, Chief Keef, Chicago rapper Lil Durk, soccer player Noah Beck, and Lil Baby.

Watch Video below

TikTok users were disappointed with the Chicago IG model and are referring to her as a “serial killer,” because she’s coming out publicly to brag about ending 5 pregnancies in a commando manner.

Below are the men whose babies she claimed to have aborted, and their net worths.

Odell Beckham: NFL player, net worth $25 million.

Lil Baby: Rap superstar, net worth $15 million

Chief Keef: Rapper, net worth $10 million

Lil Durk: Rapper, net worth $10 million

Noah Beck: Soccer player & Tiktok star, net worth $5 million


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