Low Budget Date Ideas .

There are a whole lot of stuffs about dating (indoor or outdoor) that hits different – the idea of dressing up, planning surprises, trying out new , fun and educative stuff, the scenery of love, public display of affection etc.

Do you want to go on that simple, easy to plan ,and pocket friendly date , but totally out of ideas??? UmmmπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Low Budget Date Ideas .

Below are some dating ideas for you.

Food and Wine Tasting : – 🀀Do you love crash courses in food and wine tasting?? You and your partner or friends can go on a food and wine tasting tour round the city’s restaurants, and then have extra fun by rating or scoring them .

Walking and Talking:- πŸƒπŸƒThis has proven to be on Le of the best ways to get to know someone. Go on a walk – park, neighborhood, museum etc and while at it strike up meaningful and fun conversations it’s still in vogue , 100% healthy , no cost incurred, way more chill and relaxing.

Excersise : Everyone is fitness inclined nowadays… won’t be a bad idea if your date is centred around working out together in the convenience of your home while punching on YouTube for instructional videos.Or y’all can go on a run together to sweat through some endorphins

Picnics : plan a small date that involves fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, and cheap bottle of your favorite wine or champagne….blankets, portable speaker, and sunscreen, while having that little chit chat or heart to heart discussion.

Volunteering : y’all can do some volunteer work for your neighborhood . You can volunteer to pick up the city’s litter and trash or walk little puppies outside at a shelter or adoption center.

Road Trips : oh yes! Y’all can plan a trip , but not one far away from home. It could be a trip to the local farmers market, amusement park, beach ,cinema etc .

Outdoor Adventure : planning a date centered on outdoor adventure doesn’t have to be Extravagant. There are lots of fun but inexpensive things to try out – kayaking, hiking or canoeing. All you need do is research on local nature spots or check out national park service.

Home Made Recipes : if the date is indoor, you can indulge your partner and friends in home made delicacies. Try out new recipes – Toast, waffles, ice cream, etc but if it’s outdoors, y’all can grill – hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken .

Live Music : If you opt for an outdoor date , it doesn’t have to be boring. You can listen to live music at zero cost – because there is always someone downtown playing and entertaining music lovers with random tunes. You can also visit websites to find out free concerts in your area.

Dancing : With a mobile phone, a portable speaker, and an instructional dance video from youtube, and tiktok…you can make it a dance date 😍😍

Painting : gather some watercolor ,paint brushes, canvas and drawing materials, and paint . The painting session shouldn’t exceed 45 minutes maximum.

Outdoor Class : you can take up free classes in – salsa , yoga , pottery, baking , etc if there are any offered in you area or city.

Tests and Quiz : No date is ever complete without these – personality test, love language quiz, apology quiz, relationship questions and answers and then result comparison for all involved.

Do you have other low budget date ideas you want to share ????

Have you tried out any one of the above low budget date ideas ??? πŸ€”πŸ€” Kindly leave a comment below .

Thank you for Reading!!

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