Bill and Melinda Gates Had a Loveless Marriage – Close Friends Reveal.

Close friends of power couple Bill and Melinda Gates have come out to disclose that the couple had a Loveless Marriage.

The close friend who chose to remain anonymous, said bill often ranted about his horrid marriage with melinda for months before it became public while hiding away at the vintage golf club in indian wells.

According to the source, bill pointed out that the marriage had been over a long time ago ,and that himself and melinda has been living separately ever since.

Meanwhile, melinda’s issue with bill began when bill decided to uphold his relationship with late Billionaire Jeffery Epstein despite the latter being a convicted sex offender .

Melinda saw no reason why their relationship ( Bill and Epstein’s) should continue since the two never talked about business, despite been on talking terms for years . She asked bill to cut all ties from Epstein, and when he didn’t oblige, she hired a lawyer in 2019 to start drafting papers.

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