Premier League: Prize Money All Clubs Received For The 2020-2021 Season Revealed. (See List)

The prize money all clubs in the premier league got in the 2020-2021 season has been revealed.

The winner of the season’s (2020 -2021) Premier League title Manchester City despite their victory this season, netted £163million for their efforts.

The total money made comprises of £123m ‘equal share’ payment  given to every club in this season’s Premier League -and then a further £40m for winning the title.

Runners-up Manchester United claimed £38m, summing up their overall total as £161m.

Comprehensive analysis from Times showed that last season’s champions Liverpool received £177m for winning the 2019-20 title – pocketing extra £14m more than ManCity earned this year.

ManCity was awarded more last year despite only coming second, pocketing £175m in 2019-20.

Also, Last season there was a £79m Finance gap between the £177m handed to champions Liverpool and bottom side Norwich’s £98m.

This year, that gap is said to have decreased to £38m, with bottom side Sheffield United earning £125m compared to Manchester City’s £163m.

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