It Will Be Impossible To Payback Investors – says Brisk Capital Investment Limited

The Brisk Capital Investments Limited has made it clear that Dominic Joshua’s arrest by the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the Nigerian Police, will make it difficult and impossible to refund monies to investors who consider themselves duped.

CEO Brisk Capital Investment Limited

The 21-year-old Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Brisk Capital Limited has been accused of diverting over N2 billion in investor funds.

According to the Special Fraud Unit, Dominic who promised investors a 60% Return On Investments (ROI), absconds on pay days and squanders the cash on luxury wrist watches, fast cars and real estate instead.

Potential investors were told that with as low as N500,000, they could earn 30% every month plus their capital for at least 90 days.

“With the Brisk Business Investo, you can invest 60% of your intended business capital and get back 100% of it within 90 days.

“How about driving that car you want so bad just by investing 60% of the specific amount of your car choice? We would ensure that within 90 days, you get to drive the car of your choice with no stress at all,” Joshua’s firm promised on its website.

Following their CEO’s arrest, Brisk Capital Investment Limited statement reads

“Given the circumstances, our hands are tied, our hearts are heavy but our commitment to making repayments is still the same.

“However, as long as our Managing Partner, Mr. Dominic Joshua is still in custody, we are unable to act on this commitment, as well as schedule the Zoom meeting which was to have him talk to you.

“Further petitions and arrests will only halt any progressive measures, delay repayments and negatively affect the wellbeing of staff and fellow investors.”

Joshua Dominic Ngene will be arraigned in court as soon as the strike by the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) is called off, police say.

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