Man Finds Out In The Most Unusual Way That His Girlfriend Cheated On Him as Girlfriend’s Side Dude Leaves a Hint.

TikTok user @kingmal_27 was among the top trends on TikTok yesterday after he found out in the most unusual way that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

He took to the social media platform to reveal how he was left a hint ( secret note ) on his toilet seat by his girlfriend’s side dude.

According to the his story,

He had been out of town when his girlfriend cheated on him with her other man.

He added that he got to know about the cheating issue, because his girlfriend’s other man hid a message underneath the toilet seat after he had stayed the night and later discovered the girl was in a relationship.

TikTok Users have expressed satisfaction towards the action of the other man exposing the girl for going behind her boyfriend’s back and called his hidden toilet note a “smart” move.

Some Users comment below :-

Ok but he is the smartest dude alive,”

Another agreed : “He’s a real one for that.”

A third one wrote : “Under the toilet seat real smart.”

“Respect for that guy,” posted one more person, while another commented: “Solid move.”

Standing by the other man, another added : “Tbh I wouldn’t even be mad at him after that.”

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