Miss UNIBEN Pagentry Sex Scandal – All you need to know.

A scandal is currently rocking the University of Benin popularly known as Uniben.

The scandal which is centred on a pagentry show – ( miss UNIBEN) , the brain child of one mr famous okungbowa was said to have escalated following allegations of immoral conducts.

Miss UNIBEN Scandal - All you need to know

According to the story,

A student(names withheld), who allegedly participated in one of the past Miss UNIBEN shows, has accused the organizer of always demanding for ‘anal sex’, asking them to dress in red pants to his hotel room — as part of agreement always reached with the contestants.

According to insiders, the competition over the years is patronized by 100level students who are yet naive, gullible and easily persuaded by the quest to explore and by peer pressure.

The organizers of this competition are said to have Allegedly on a continuous basis explored this opportunity in achieving their devilish aims.

Continuing, the insider said the girls go into the competition hoping to get the crown and win prizes publicized along with the yearly event, only to become money making machines dispensing money to the organizers through strenous methods enforced by the organizers.

The participants are made to sell 200 tickets weekly till the final day at cost price of #100. That is an equivalent of #20,000 weekly generated by each of the girls. As a result, we see the students galavanting around the university environment in all weather conditions looking for people to buy their tickets and wasting time meant for reading their books on superfluity.

While the desperate ones engage in immoral activities in order to get sufficient money for these competition.

Rumours has it that for years the winners are predetermined before the start and are made to enter unfavourable agreements, questioning the sanctity of the process of competition.

Another insider disclosed that Winners do not get the full dividends publicised with the crown for months till they eventually pass on the crown the next year. The car for instance is taken back from them after a couple of months (confirmed information). Sexual activities have be founded to be rampant between organizers and participants, many of which are not under conscious volition but for pressure and in some cases desperation.

Furthermore, there has been a call to restrictive action from concerned stakeholders of the student union government as regards the issue on ground.

See Uniben SUG statement below

According to them, the breeding revolt against Miss UNIBEN and its current organizers is not a witch-hunting activity but rather, an action that was long overdue considering all the illegal and immoral activities at the helm of organisation of the pageantry overtime.

They also added that if such pagentry is to be organised, it must be at the discretion of the University of Benin Student’s Union Government, Director of Socials, who has the Constitutional rights to organise social activities for her students.

They cautioned that Partnership and collaborations should be born out of intent and will of the Director of Socials. It’s not a license given to one person as it has become.

If the sanity and the sanctity of our girls will be threatened because of a competition, then we recommend it’s complete extrapolation or we have it organised by the office constitutionally endowed to organise it.

It is no news that this is not the first time an objection will be raised to this event and the organizers. It has however fallen into futility because mr famous okungbowa has always managed to get his way around some university administrative staff in the past; happenings that has earned him bragging rights that nothing can be done to restrict the event.

The miss UNIBEN pagentry is said to generate nothing less than 10 million naira annually.

Relevant authorities have been called on to promptly make effort to protect the integrity of the uniben girl child.

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