NLC Faults Alleged Secret Plans To Sell TCN.

NLC Faults Alleged Secret Plans To Sell TCN has learned.

The NLC learnt with great consternation, a secret plan to sell the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN ), and has faulted the alleged planned sale .

The NLC President, Mr Ayuba Wabba said this in a statement entitled:  “This Kite will not Fly’’ on Friday in Abuja. The report in the media on June 17 merely burst open the behind the scene maneuverings of the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE).

He said the NLC condemned with vigour the continued stripping and stealing of Nigeria’s economic assets.

He stated that the current attempt to hand over the TCN to a few ‘privileged’ Nigerians was self-serving, obtuse, odious, morally reprehensible and criminal.

He said Nigerian workers and people were vehemently opposed to this plot and would resist the grand larceny.

“The TCN is a strategic economic asset of immense national security implications. This is because the TCN traverses all nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

It will be wrong that our country will be deliberately exposed to an avoidable vulnerability and thus, provide an opportunity to others to restrain the Nigerian state.

The NLC president also buttressed that, the story of the planned total divestment and ceding of the TCN was creepy and confounding. He said the plan exemplified one in the series of unacceptable bitter pills forcibly pushed down the throat of the Nigerian people in pursuit of an ill thought-out reforms policy, concurrently incresing electricity tariff. Unfortunately, this time around, Nigerians have had enough.

Mr Wabba also said – The government cannot promise improved power supply to consumers by the planned sale of TCN. The under-the-table scheming as transparent privatization cannot pass muster.

It is an unpleasant narrative for Nigeria, that even the privatized assets, which have survived the rapacity of the new owners, have been turned into unrealizable collaterals for unpayable loans. “This constitutes a bone stuck in the throat of financial institutions and sundry creditors,’’ he said.

Wabba, however, urged the Nigerian people to make no mistake about the plot to sell TCN as it would only result in the continuation of the regrettable policy of heaping an unbearable burden on the ordinary people. He said that the plan would also fundamentally weaken the security of the nation and above all, deprive the people of their age-old investments in the commanding heights of the Nigerian economy.

“ Congress reiterates that it is faulty to contemplate selling the TCN; it is an obvious misdirected and insupportable policy. This clandestine plot is like the kite squeaking in the dark with broken wings; it will simply not fly,’’ he said.


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