Nigerian Law School : 1,326 candidates fail 2021 Final Bar Examinations.

Nigerian Law School : 1,326 candidates fail 2021 Final Bar examinations has learned.

The results of the exams, which is one of the official and important criteria for being called to the Nigerian bar, was released on Tuesday, July 6. The Council of Legal Education statistics showed that a total of 5,770 students sat for the exams and 20 students (0.07%) made first-class while 432 (7.49%) students made Second Class (Upper Division).

A total number of 2,172 (37.64%) students made Second Class (Lower Division) while 1,725 (29.90%) made pass

35 (0.61%) Students have conditional pass while 1,326 (22.98%) failed.

 60 (1.04%) students were absent.

The results were also approved at the Council’s meeting and the 27th and 28th July 2021 were picked for the call to Bar. This year’s outcome is the highest number of students who failed the exams since 2017.

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