Sapio funds : Don Jazzy Launches Crowd Funding Platform To Assist Young Nigerians.

Sapio funds: Record producer and singer Don Jazzy has launched a crowd-funding platform called Sapio Funds, to assist young Nigerians to raise funds.

The Records Label boss made this known via his Instagram page. He said the sole aim of the platform is to help people fund whatever needs or projects they have.

He also revealed he has decided to set the ball rolling by funding 10 persons with the sum of a hundred thousand naira each. Sharing a video of himself on the Instagram page, the music mogul said:

“Okay guys, giveaway time. So, I’m not gonna take too much of your time. ‘I see a lot of guys put in under my comments sometimes they need money for this, they need money for that. So, I decided, this is what I’m gonna do. “Me and a friend of mine, we set up a social enterprise platform where you can come there and set up a project. What do you need money for?

“You need money to travel? You need money to borrow? You need money to fund a project? Or whatever. You need to come there, put it up there. And well-meaning Nigerians myself or different people can come there and donate for you till you reach your goal.

“And today I’m kicking it off. Just come to Put there what you need a 100k to do and I’ll pick 10 people and donate a 100k for them.”

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