Nigerian Twitter Influencer call Out Ex- Girlfriend For Destroying His Properties and Trying To Cage Him with Fake Pregnancy. ( Pics + Audio )

Nigerian Twitter influencer Biyi has called out his ex-girlfriend Sabena for destroying his properties, trying to trap him with a fake pregnancy and bragging about being untouchable. 

The Twitter influencer, Biyi and his ex-girlfriend Sabena had earlier been involved in a fight that got to public space in February 2021. They both accused each other of domestic violence and the police were involved in the case.

Biyi and Sabena

Biyi who said he broke up with Sabena after the February incident, said he hanged on after she claimed to be pregnant. He however alleged that this turned out to be a fake pregnancy.

According to Biyi, properties destroyed include his MacBook, Smart TV, an award he got from the Ooni of Ife, expensive perfumes and many others.

Nigerian Twitter Influencer

Biyi claimed that asides destroying his property, Sabena allegedly took over his social media accounts and changed his passwords. He attached emails he received as evidence.

Nigerian Twitter Influencer Biyi

Listen to Audio conversation below ;

Violence is never a way out of issues such as this……

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