BBNaija 2021: Housemates & Gist Updates 2

BBNaija 2021 ; Housemates Gist, image and video Updates from all your favorite season 6 housemates , celebrities and the exclusive drama you missed . check out the updates.

Nini – I can use any guy i want

Big Brother Naija, housemate, Nini, has disclosed that she could use any guy she wants to use.

Nina stated this on Wednesday while discussing her past relationship with some of the housemates. The Shine Ya Eye housemate also gave details on how she ended her last relationship.

She insisted that her former boyfriend misbehaved, adding that no guy can use her. Nina said,

“I can use any guy I want to use. They can’t use me.” “When he [my ex-boyfriend] came begging, I was like, ‘stop wasting your time, I am done, I am done.’”

Contributing to Nina’s comment, Saga said it was okay for people to misbehave because nobody is perfect.

#BBNaija Season 6 : the identities of the much awaited female contestants finally unveiled.

Maria – Vows Not to have sex + Kisses Boma

Big Brother Naija, housemate, Maria, on Wednesday kissed fellow housemate, Boma in the presence of all other housemates, who were preparing for a task.

Boma was sitting comfortably on a chair with a staff in his hand, while other housemates were busy chatting. While Boma was seated, Maria walked up to him and kissed him. She was, however, dragged off by two other housemates, while the others screamed and laughed aloud.

Meanwhile, The Dubai-based former air hostess has vowed not to have sex in the house. she had stated this during a conversation with other housemates, White money and Niyi.

According to Maria:

“Sex in this house is a no no for me. “Mind you, there is nothing like pity love while on this show.”

The 29-year-old vowed to spice up the show. She promised to form cliques and stay away from fights in the house.


Sammie – I was disvirgined by a prostitute at 17 and Feel Inferior to other housemates

Sammie, Big Brother Naija, season 6 housemate has revealed that he had his first sex with a prostitute. The 26-year-old student of Ahmadu Bello University, ABU revealed this while speaking with Angel.

Opening up about his sexual experience, Sammie said,

“I was disvirgined by an ashewo (Prostitute) at the age of 17. “That’s my first sexual experience.”

Days ago, Angel said she finds Sammie attractive and definitely the kind of guy she can mingle and interact with. The housemates afterwards are getting along as they’ve also been seen cuddling each other.

Meanwhile, Sammie the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate became emotional after saying he feels inferior to his colleagues on the reality show.

According to him, he started feeling inferior and this made him cry in the house during the cultural drama rehearsal last night as he saw himself as the one with the least abilities among the housemates.

Explaining to Angel, he said,

“I was in the garden and just started thinking and looking at everybody like, from different places, and I just had a thought of where I was coming from personally and what I’m doing here. “I don’t know what triggered me crying but it just happened.”

Angel, consoling him, advised him to start practicing positive self-affirmation.

“You have to remind yourself that you are sufficient, and you’re equal to everyone. Nobody here is better than you,” Angel said.


Biggie Reveals the Wildcards in the House – Guesss??????

Earlier, Biggie gave the housemates a task to identify the wildcards in the house and also get to know each other before the Sunday live show.

But on Thursday 29 July, during the diary session, their identity was revealed by biggie himself to viewers, while the housemates are still left clueless on who the wildcards are. They told Biggie how well they have played being the wild cards.

According to biggie, If the housemates identify the secret wildcards amongst them, , the wild cards will be evicted from the show.

Saskay – I feel Intimidated and Neglected Because of my Age

Big Brother Naija, season 6 housemate Sasskay has lamented about being intimidated and neglected by housemates in the reality show.

Sasskay during her diary session on Thursday said every other housemate has an alliance and clique except her. She said she feels by the housemates are neglecting her and excluding her from their cliques and fun circle because of her age.

Her words

“I feel left out because it seems everyone has a clique or alliance. “I think it’s also because I’m the youngest in the house and every other person,” .

Biggie, responding, advised her to be herself and make friends despite her challenge.

“If you feel left out don’t hesitate to make any kind of friendship or alliance. Be yourself.”

Saskay is one of the youngest housemates in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season. she is 21-year-old.


Angel -My dad is my Instagram Handler

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Angel, has revealed that her father manages her Instagram page while she is on the show.

Angel made this known during a conversation with a fellow housemate, Boma, as she cooked in the kitchen. The duo was having a conversation about Angel’s obsessions when, out of nowhere, Boma asked her who her Instagram handler was.

In her response, Angel said “My father.”

In disbelief, Boma told her that she was lying but Angel reaffirmed her claims.

“My parents are quite young. My mum had me when she was 16 and my dad is young too,” she said.

She went further and informed Boma who is 34-year-old that he is almost her mother’s age.


Liquorose – I will not be a part of any ship or relationship with any male housemate while on the show.

Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, Liquorose, one of the popular housemates, said she would not be a part of any ship or relationship with any male housemate while on the show.

She, however, did not give reasons for her decision, adding that she only wants to be a spectator in the house.

“I don’t want to be in any relationship, I just want to be a spectator watching everything, everyone from afar.

“I don’t want to be involved in any of those relationship things,” Liquorose said.

Liquorose disclosed this while speaking with Yousef and Nini.


Emmanuel : I am Bored and want to voluntarily exit the show

Housemate Emmanuel is bored and wants to exit the show. why???

Y’all know the housemates are battling with the task of fishing out the wild cards among them, and Emmanuel in particular has been complaining about the difficulties in fishing out the two wild cards among the 22 housemates in the Shine Ya Eyes house.

Emmanuel finds the whole wildcard isssue boring and considering voluntarily quitting the show amid all the bubbly conversations and activities going on in the house.

Meanwhile other housemates have agreed that Emmanuel was really quiet in the house and may not have found all the activities entertaining.

QUICK REMINDER : The winner of this year’s BBNaija edition titled ‘Shine ya Eye’ will walk away with N90m worth of prizes. Also, viewers in the United Kingdom, for the first time, can now watch BBNaija live on Showmax rather than youtube. There would be no SMS voting for season 6 housemates.

Spoiler Alert * Some ships spotted ..Which of the housemates are you shipping?????

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