Keke Palmer Exposes Meals Served at Met Gala

Keke Palmer has cured the curiosity of her of her social media followers and world people by giving a little expose on the kind of meal served at Met Gala.

Keke said they hardly get a sneak peek inside the Met Gala as soon as the celebrities grace the carpet or enter the building. People many a time have pondered about what goes on inside and Keke Palmer without bias took the bull by the horn as she explained to her curious followers what it looks like from the inside.

Keke Palmer Exposes Meals Served at Met Gala

Keke hosted a live stream of the Met Gala, giving her curious Instagram followers an opportunity to peep at what happens outside and inside. While strolling into the building, she live streamed the hallways with the art on display. She also shared a live stream of the performances from different talents. But what got tongues wagging was the food.

Keke took a photo of her food and threw a subtle shade at the meal that was served.

Keke Palmer Exposes Meals Served at Met Gala

But viewers on live didn’t take keke’s joke with a pinch of salt since the food doesn’t look appealing in any way. Many joked that keke will probably sometime in the future never get invited to the Met Gala again for exposing too much.


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