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Relationship Lies ” As far as relationship that cut across boundaries is concerned,one party must always be at the receiving end Of all the brunt ,doings etc.

Men lie, women lie ,let’s call it a truce. None surpasses the other when it comes to this. 


Relationship lies


 I’m on my period : This is the first basic lie a woman will tell a man. When you hear this, kindly zip up because ” you not gonna tap that ass”.

I’m a virgin : Every girl is a virgin nowadays, even those who have reconstructed their vagina lie to get what they want from a prospective bachelor. hence the real ones can no longer say they are without been looked at in a funny way.

I’m Cumming : During sex,most ladies fake orgasm and this is not news. Its more like she is giving you “pity sex” hence the need to want to end it quickly.

You own it : They often use this phrase when referring to their “cookie pot” “pussy”  wake up!!, its only yours when you are in it. Who knows how many guys get an easy pass to don’t get a sign-on sheet for anyone who is making an entrance.

I don’t give Head : This lie often come up when they don’t want to look like a whore. It will shock you to know that some chicks got neck brace for all the head movement they been doing . while some genuinely don’t like the idea,and others prefer to wait till marriage.

He is just a friend : Another basic lie. If there is no proof of a male been related girl, ” he is to be put on the watch list”.

                MEN LIES

I earn big : when a guy perceives a girl as one who is easily impressed by a fat wallet & material things , he will use that as a lying tool just to trap you,and make him marketable.

Over Blown complement : He will say whatever he has to say just to get you into doing what he wants. Dishing out lying complements when they perceive you to be easily swayed by words.

Giving irrelevant explanation: Ever caught him in the act, and He ends up giving you explanation that don’t show any relevance to the incident in view?

Instant Madness : That moment when you ask him about something, and instead of giving a honest response ,will get all accusatory about being badgered with questions

Last Time He Had Sex: There is a ridiculously high percent of guys that lie about this. Too bad because 8 times out of 10 ,its all straight – up lies.

I Don’t Flirt  With Other Girls : flirting has such a loose definition that it has become really hard to catch them while at it.
Finally, Most men/ women execute the act of lying with so much burning passion…   

Irrespective, ” A lie will always remain a lie “.

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