Rattlesnakes ( 59 babies , 22 adults ) Reportedly Found in the home a California Resident. [ see photo ]

Rattlesnakes numbering 59 babies and 22 adults have reportedly been found and pulled out of the home of a California resident.

The owner of the house who chose to remain anonymous had put a call across to the Sonoma County Reptile rescue after series of encounter with the reptiles.

Rattlesnakes numbering 59 babies and 22 adult have reportedly been found and  pulled out of the home of a california resident.

It took the rescuers 3hrs and 45 minutes to pull out the snakes on day one. On the second return to the house, 7 more were evacuated.

The director of the rescue team said there was no cause for alarm as the foundation of the jouse was built around rocks and thus the Pacific rattlesnakes found can come and go as it pleases them.

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