Kiambu Barber makes Headline for Shaving Clients Hair Using an Axe. [ see photos].

A kiambu barber from Kiambu is making waves for shaving( barbing) clients hair using an Axe.

The kiambu barber named Julius Mwangi works at Clippers Kings barbershop. In an interview, Mwangi, said he started using the unorthodox tool (axe) 3 months ago. Mwangi said he thought of the idea and thus took up the tool to lure new and famous clients..

A kiambu barber from Kiambu is  making waves for shaving( barbing) clients hair using an Axe. 

Mwangi revealed that the axe has brought lots of people to the barbershop although not all express enthusiasm about it.

Mwangi further explained that hair barbing using an axe has some advantages compared to the shaving machine. The axe gives a perfect and smooth shave and is very much the best alternative for the Jordan hairstyle and full bearded client and is a good option when there is no power supply.

Mwangi also disclosed his future plans of purchasing a lighter version of the tool (axe).

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