#GUS12 : 18 Contenders Tasked with the Search for Akolo’s Secret.

#GUS12 Narrative begins as 18 contenders of the survival show are tasked with searching for Akolo’s secret.

The 12th edition of the show which has the theme : The Age of Craftsmanship, gives viewers a flashback into a small town called Ijuka, that had existed many years ago.

According to the storyline carefully thought out by the organizers of the show, a mysterious craftsman named Akolo came into the town of Ijuka one day and cohabited amongst the blacksmiths and woodcarvers. He soon began to teach the selected best among the people because his skills was in many ways better than theirs. His name began to spread far and wide, but what caught the attention of many who seemed for him was his special brewing skills.

#GUS12  Narrative begins as 18 contenders of the  survival show are tasked with searching for Akolo’s secret.

Akolo’s brew was nothing like any that had previously existed in the town. He used ingredients ( condiments ) which he was able to obtain from trading his exceptional works with European merchants and none of the locals had ever seen before . The king soon heard of his fame and appointed Akolo as a member of his advisory council.

Akolo formed a bond of friendship with the king, but never exposed the recipe of his brew. It was a secret he guarded protectively. As the fame of his brewing skills expands, trading routes began to link through Ijuka, and many anticipated to taste his brew. Ijuka became a prosperous town, and soon enemies began to plot. The enemies were envious of Akolo’s wisdom and his bond of friendship with the king and wanted the secret of his brew for themselves out of selfishness.

Spurred by greed and envy, They made several attempts to kill him but didn’t succeed. Out of Fear Akolo left the town of Ijuka for the mangrove forest with his special brewing recipe and all his knowledge, never to be seen and heard from again. Ijuka, a once blooming town, suffered Akolo’s absence and was soon reduced to naught by foreign invaders.

With the calamity that has befallen Ijuka town, the council of elders picked out 18 brave warriors to travel back in time to The Age of Craftsmanship in search for the iron chest containing all of Akolo’s secrets.

Will the Iron chest of Akolo’s Secret be found??? Goodluck to all 18 contenders.

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