Kendal Jenner Photographed wearing a Collagen + Full Facial mask As she Exit Plastic Surgeons Office.

Kendall Jenner was photographed exiting the office of a plastic surgeon while wearing a collagen and full face mask.

The model and KUWTK star kept looking downwards as she walked out of a building where the renowned plastic surgeon Dr Jason B Diamond has an office. In the photographs obtained , Ms Jenner’s face was fully shielded with a white collagen mask, while she seemed to further remain anonymous by wearing dark sun shade.

It remains unknown as to what skin treatment Kendall went to undergo at the doctor’s office. The office is known to render professional services [ facials, botox, fillers, skin tightening, face lift, nose jobs ] etc.

Kendall has repeatedly denied all claims of going under the knife. With this newest development, many have been left wondering what the most natural and beautiful of the Kardashian sister was doing at the surgeon’s.

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