SSCE Result Released as 878,925 Candidates score credits in Maths and English .

The Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE) internal Result has been released, with a total number of 878,925 candidates scoring credits and distinction in both Maths and English Language.

The figure represents a 71.64 % pass rate as compared to the 2020 SSCE which had a figure of 894,101 and thus representing 73.89 % [ indicating a 2.25 % decrease].

The Registrar and Chief Executive of NECO, Professor Dantani Ibrahim Wushishi who announced the result said a conclusive sum of of 1,233,631 candidates registered while 1,226,796 actually wrote the examination.

He further explained that candidates who made five credits and above regardless of English Language and Mathematics were 1,226,796 represented the 94.04% In comparism with the 2020 SSCE figure of 1,112,041 representing 91.91 %, thus an increase of 2.13 %.

However a total of 20,003 candidates were reportedly involved in various examination malpractices, and thus represented the 1.63 %, compared to the 33,470 candidates making up the 2.61 % cases recorded in 2020.

He blamed the delay in the release of the results of both internal and external candidates who wrote the exam to challenges facing the examination council.

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