“E choke Social Token” Officially Launched.

”E choke Social Token” a giveaway platform and brainchild of Nigerian singer Davido has officially been launched.

The Singer who collaborated with Ome Goat and Bitsika Africa said the token is another way he hopes to encourage and help Nigerian youths who are struggling for survival . The token would be used by the youths to access giveaways, jobs opportunities, VIP backstage access to him during concerts , festivals or tours, hospitality benefits, etc.

According to him, the first access to giveaway, using the “E Choke Social Token” , will be on 28th Nov 2021. The token is expected to remin free from its day of launching till 12 months time duration.

''E choke Social Token''

To earn a participation spot in the giveaways or benefits, youths are to keep using the hashtag #EchokeForHere. 

ICYMI : in February, davido made his intention to start up a bitcoin trading company. 😎

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