Chris Cuomo In Trouble for Instructing Elder brother on how to respond to Sexual Harassment Allegations.

Chris Cuomo CNN host and media sweetheart is allegedly in trouble for allegedly instructing his elder brother on how to give responses to sexual harassment allegations.

Chris got into deep shit after records of him coaching his Elder brother Governor Andrew Cuomo the responses to give in his ongoing court case for sexual harassment.

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo ( Right ) , Andrew Cuomo ( Left )

According to official documents released by the Attorney General in New York- Letitia James, the TV host forwarded sms to his brothers most trusted aide, alongside a well scripted narrative of Chris Cuomo ‘s interview with his brother Andrew.

Following the recent turn of event, CNN said the interview transcript tendered as exhibits deserves a crystal clear investigation and thoughtful consideration .

Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo revealed that all accusations and findings towards him are well tailored and politically motivated.

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