LeBron James Allegedly Tests Positive For COVID-19 Despite Being Vaccinated.

LeBron James American professional basketball player has allegedly tested positive for COVID-19 despite his vaccination status has learned.

According to TMZ, LeBron was subjected to various tests – lateral flow [ -ve ] , PCR [-ve] , and a third tier breaker test which came back positive.

Although LeBron is currently Asymptomatic and fully vaccinated, he has been placed in the NBA health and Safety protocol. The breaking news of his COVID-19 status came few hours before the Lakers vs King Game.

It still remains sketchy if 36 year old LeBron James is COVID-19 +ve , Close Contact +ve , or False +ve. If result comes out positive, he will be isolated , and can only exit his isolation shelter if at least two PCR result comes out Negative [-ve] .

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