Amanda du Pont Reveals how Jub Jub Sexually Abused her for 2 years. [ Watch Video ]

Amanda du Pont has replied media personality Jub Jub revealing how he sexually abused her after he claimed he had sex with her before going to prison .

Amara du Pont in a post she made on Instagram revealed how Jub Jub raped her consistently for 2 good years, and she couldn’t do anything because she was afraid of his powerful mother. The only sensible thing she thought of doing at that time , was to quietly abort the pregnancy she was carrying as a result of the sexual abuse.

See Her post on IG

According to Amanda, she wouldn’t want to bring a child that was Forcefully put into her into existence. She also said she had reported the case to the Police , but they felt like other women with such story, she would go back to the man who raped her.

Amanda called out Podcast and Chill host MacG and tagged him a rape accomplice, for inviting a rapist like Jub Jub for Interviews.

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