Jeff Zucker Knew about my Involvement in Andrew’s Sex Scandal Probe – Chris Cuomo

Jeff Zucker president of the CNN media company has been alleged to have known about Chris Cuomo’s involvement in his brothers Sex Scandal Probe.

Chris cuomo made the information public after he was relieved of his duties as TV host at the Cable Network, amidst his preparation to sue the company over owed $18 million contract fee.

Chris was reportedly fired after documents revealed he tried to dig out and cook up stories on at least one of his brother Andrew Cuomo’s Accusers, not forgetting to mention scripted interviews.

Meanwhile, the CNN media company president has consciously denied being aware of Chris Cuomo’s involvement .

Chris is set to file a law suit against the cable networks for refusing to pay him the outstanding contract fee, and feeding him excuses of causing an uproar if they comply by paying him the remainder of the contract fee.

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