Dr William Mooney Allegedly found Guilty of Unsatisfactory Medical conduct.

Dr William Mooney self acclaimed Australian leading ENT specialist has allegedly been found guilty of unsatisfactory medical conduct.

The Surgeon who is said to have performed the highest number of Nose jobs in Australia is been held responsible for gross professional misconduct which involved the death of patients, and the lie he told as the reason why he couldn’t attend a drug test.

According to findings, the first patient a 24 year old male died in the month of March 2018 after a failed procedure to fix his snoring habit. After the unsuccessful surgery, Dr Mooney refused to have audience with the family of the patient until he was discharged. Later on, the family discovered Dr Mooney had sewn over an artery he pricked during surgery.

The second patient also male 41 years old , was said to have kicked the bucket after his brain was tampered with [ pierced ] during Sinus operation . Further reports revealed the operation lasted for 23 mins, the hospital where it was conducted claimed it was 33mins . Professional surgeons claim the operation is alarmingly short, and ought to have take not more than 70 -90 minutes.

The NSW civil and Administrative tribunal found him guilty for the following ;

  • The time taken to perform the Sinus operation on the 2nd patient to be ridiculously below standard.
  • Payment of $40,000 to a SEO company to ensure the Herald’s stories about the allegations were not the first thing potential patients saw.
  • Failure to provide post-operative care for the above patients.
  • Cocaine content in his hair , prescribing Duromine, an amphetamine-type stimulant used as an appetite suppressant and Diazepam to a female patient in a hotel room.

More so, in February 2017 Dr Mooney had strict conditions placed on his practising certificate because of allegations of cocaine use. In December 2018, five months after death of the Ist patient, Dr Mooney’s registration was temporarily suspended after he tested positive for cocaine. Although authorities could not tell whether the positive test was due to the use of the drug as legal means of treatment during surgery or unlawful personal use, it was the extent to which he went to avoid the test that led to his suspension.

All allegations have been termed sufficiently serious and could lead to a justified suspension or cancellation of Dr Mooney’s registration.

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