Housemaid Arrested for mixing Guardians Food with Rat Poison.

A housemaid has been arrested for mixing her guardians food with rat poison has learned.

The 18-year old Senior Student Tope Fasanya was arrested by men of Ogun state police command for allegedly attempting to kill her guardian and benefactor – Mrs. Esther Bada by poisoning her food.

The suspect Tope Fasanya was arrested following a complain by the victim, who reported that she was served food by her maid, and immediately after eating the food, she felt a sharp stomach pain and became very uncomfortable.

‘According to the guardian’s story, when the stomach pain became unbearable, she called the maid to come and eat up the remaining food but the maid refused. This pricked her senses, and made her suspect a foul play on the part of the maid.

Following the report, the victim was quickly taken to Owode Egba general hospital, from where she was referred to FMC Abeokuta for thorough medical treatment.

According to the spokesperson of the state police command, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, During interrogation, Tope initially denied the allegations and was transferred to homicide section of the state criminal investigation and intelligence department.

On getting there, she made a confessional statement that she actually added rat poison substance to the victim’s food.”

Initial investigation revealed that the suspect Tope Fasanya has been living with the victim Mrs Esther Bada who was her class teacher then when she was in primary 3. Mrs Bada Following the death of Tope’s father, willingly agreed to help the Tope by taking her to live in her house, and sponsoring her education.

When asked why she decided to kill her benefactor and guardian, tope said that she only wanted to return to her mother and she can only do that if her guardian is no more. She also described Mrs. Bada as a very caring person

Tope Fasanya will be arraigned in court upon conclusion of ongoing investigation .

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