CBN Directs Nigerians to report Cases involving loss of Money via Unauthorized POS Transaction.

CBN [ Central Bank of Nigeria ] has authorised Nigerians to report Cases involving Debits from unauthorized POS Transaction.

According to the Central Bank spokesperson Nwanisobi,the apex Bank has promised to make sure customers receive remedy and compensation on issues bothering on the excess deduction charges and withdrawals without customer consent.

See Statement below

The spokesperson also added that if the clear and concise complaint filed by customers is not resolved in 2 weeks , a higher complaint should be made to the CPD [Consumer Protection Department] of the Apex Bank .

CPD Contact – , or call +2347002255226 . Letters can also be written to the CPD central business district Abuja ,and submitted to the head office or any branch nationwide.

Letter of Petition must include the following:

  • Name,
  • Address,
  • Contact Phone Number & E-mail of the Complainant;
  • Name of your Financial Institution;
  • Personal banking details (Do NOT include PIN & Passwords, please;)
  • History/Date of the transaction in dispute;
  • Amount claimed (if any);
  • Attach relevant documents to support your claim and;
  • Evidence to show that you have first lodged the complaint at your bank.”

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