Lewis Hamilton Sparks Off Mental Health Scare After Losing to Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton has scared the world and sparked off mental health scare by unfollowing all friends on Instagram after unexpected loss to Max Verstappen.

The 7 time formula one world champion,  Lewis Hamilton has unfollowed everybody on Instagram as reports emerged the Mercedes star is suffering from disillusion following his Grace to Grass Formula One loss to Max Verstappen this month.

Hamilton, 36, was shockingly defeated at the world championship by Max Verstappen, 24, as He picked up speed at the final lap of a thrilling race in Abu Dhabi.

Although the 7-time world champion was gracious in defeat, he is yet to utter a word as regards the subject of the race and his future in Formula One.

According Sports experts, if Hamilton had won he would have surpassed the Formula one titles won by well known racing legend, Michael Schumacher.

The role of FIA chief Michael Masi was greatly criticised by fans and sports Elites .Toyota Wolff expressed concern as the sports man also snubbed the FIA end of year award ceremony held last week.

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