Kylie Jenner Hits 300M followings on Instagram

Kylie Jenner International Beautypreneur has officially hit 300m followings on social media platform Instagram.

Kylie with this feat become the first woman in the history of Instagram to reach 300M followers.

Although the 24-year-old mother of one is the first female to reach 300m followers, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo leads the pack as the most followed person on Instagram with a following of 388M. Cristiano Ronaldo passed the 300m mark since last year June.

Kylie Jenner

Previously , Kylie had dethroned Ariana Grande to become the most followed female on the platform, despite keeping a low profile  since November following her baby daddy Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy.

Kylie jenner reached the 300m mark on Wednesday, 12 January .

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